Humans 101

Game created by Labrodex Inc and released August 13, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

Hello esteemed terraglorbushoms! We are communicating through the primitive form of writing technology provided by your species. We have been piqued with curiosity about your planet because of the near-constant broadcasting of your curious and contradicting lives! Based on what we have gathered from your plethora of "television" signals, we've concluded that we wish to study your species for the educational benefit of ours! Now, for fear of falling into your many stereotypes, we are not "abducting", but merely asking for volunteers in our experiments, as we are merely Benevolent Inquirers! All you need for these experiments are a VR headset for intergalactic travel and an enthusiasm for scientific research!

If you agree, then you'll be asked to participate in a variety of experiments and engage with our extremely curious researchers! We may even allow the Earth population access to our experimentation mechanisms! We are figuratively electrified with eagerness as we await our human volunteers! Please visit soon!


Take part in absurd experiments created by misinformed aliens or create your own challenges using the Experiment Builder! The Experiment Builder allows human players to have the utmost control over all items available to them. You’ll be able to use buttons, spears, brains, and more to create whatever challenges you might conjure in your head!


After you're finished with the Experiment Builder, then why not try uploading your experiments online? You can play others' experiments and compete with players to top the charts of any experiment you can find!


Meet Quernmi, the lead quirky researcher with a drive for obtaining new knowledge, especially on the largely unknown species of humans! The aliens have prepared challenges and modules based on their media research, in order to test their hypotheses about the human species. Quernmi can get a little frustrated with the contradicting quirks of the humans, but they're better to deal with than some of their other researchers...


Aliens have “somewhat” abducted you to ask that you volunteer for their experiments! They are fascinated by the human species and wish to research them to corroborate their findings. The only problem is that all their research comes from pop culture! TV, movies, and videogames have been their primary source for human study, which leads to some fanciful ideas and heavy contradictions. Your task is to complete the experiments they put in front of you to help correct their data!
Humans 101

Humans 101 is a VR user-generated content creation game with an amusing narrative. Take part in absurd experiments created by misinformed aliens and create your own challenges using the Experiment Builder and compete with other players to top the charts!


Developer: Labrodex Inc

Publisher: Labrodex Inc

Type: game

Released: August 13, 2019


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Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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