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The New Universes: ~ Eine Neue Reise Beginnt ~ Chapter 1

Game created by TNU Project Council,LastNexus Studios and released November 17, 2019 .

App changes last updated 5 months ago / News last updated 2 months ago

Detailed Description

In the distant future where Humanity has expanded far beyond Earth into a war-torn, conflict filled galaxy a young woman struggles through her life and adventures gaining friends, learning about herself and working to save her galaxy. The New Universes Project's Eine Neue Reise Beginnt First Chapter follows Sumire Rembrant an estranged princess whom moves to an academy in space in an effort to help her sister and learn more about herself. As she moves through her adventures Sumire encounters her past, finds love and builds a new future for herself. This story is the adaptation of the first set of The New Universes Project Eine Neue Reise Beginnt stories.

Once the game is released we intend to have the following features:

- Fully functional cloud save and load functions.
- Game autoplay functionality.
- Vibrant and colorful detailed backgrounds and anime-style artwork.
- Alternating music tracks from character or situation to situation to make you feel more in tune with the story and the characters

We also will be implementing feedback from the community as we develop the game so this list as noted in our Early Access will change. You can provide feedback and comments through the Steam Community and on our Discord; you can even help shape the future of this game's story and future projects by becoming involved in our community. What was have currently listed above is what is currently in the game.

This game includes sexual themes. All characters involved in this content are 18 years of age or older.
The New Universes: ~ Eine Neue Reise Beginnt ~ Chapter 1

A Visual Novel where a young woman learns about her life in a war-torn, hostile galaxy.


Developer: TNU Project Council,LastNexus Studios

Publisher: TNU Project Council,LastNexus Studios,TNU Productions

Type: game

Released: November 17, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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