Dragon Star Varnir Powerful Weapon Set

Dlc created by Idea Factory, Compile Heart and released October 8, 2019 .

App changes last updated 3 weeks ago

Detailed Description

A Famitsu collaboration! The Powerful Weapon Set includes 6x weapons that are character specific! Equip Zephy and the gang with these high-quality forged materials and defeat any dragon with ease!

The Powerful Weapon Set includes:

・Celestial Maiden Sword F (Zephy)
・Celestial Maiden Mace F (Minessa)
・Celestial Maiden Spear F (Karikaro)
・Celestial Maiden Crossbow F (Laponette)
・Celestial Maiden Scythe F (Charlotta)
・Celestial Maiden Hammer F (Faria)
Dragon Star Varnir Powerful Weapon Set

Forged with high-grade material, the Powerful Weapon Set includes 6x character-specific weapons that'll help defeat any dragon in Varneria!

Parent Game

Developer: Idea Factory, Compile Heart

Publisher: Idea Factory International

Type: dlc

Released: October 8, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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