Erannorth Reborn

Game created by Spyridon Thalassinos and released October 17, 2019 .

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Family Vacation and the state of Beta

Erannorth Reborn - February 14, 2020

I'll be taking off some time for family vacation from today 14 Feb till 24 Feb.

New Card Design, Misc UI Improvements, Unity Engine update

Erannorth Reborn - February 7, 2020

1.046 is a preview/beta build and part of the larger update that will be arriving later this month (Probably near the end of February). Till then all the patches will be heading straight to the development branch.

Improved Backpack mechanic, Misc UI and QoL Additions

Erannorth Reborn - February 3, 2020

Normally, I would be just updating the patch notes for v1.045, but since the 'Backpack' mechanic to retrieve consumables & trinkets changed completely, I thought to give you the heads up in a separate post.

Updated Roadmap and New Modding Additions

Erannorth Reborn - January 31, 2020

I have already started working on the next DLC 'The War for Roverford', which will be released some time in April/Early May. I will be giving you more details on that as we go, but suffice to say that the focus will be an all-out War. And as such the first wave of modding additions and new mechanics will be focused on improving various Ally systems.

Smarter Codex and minor UI Improvements

Erannorth Reborn - January 22, 2020

This patch implements a smarter Codex that will also display any Teamwork, Synergy, Conditional or Blood Tribute rules whenever you click the card details button.

Randomize your Character Combination and a Critical Hotfix

Erannorth Reborn - January 16, 2020

This is a small patch but highly recommended to upgrade to as it fixes a critical bug in the Perks handling function.

Blood Coven Rise DLC Released!

Erannorth Reborn - January 13, 2020

The Blood Coven Rise DLC is now officially available for purchase on Steam.

Important Balance Changes, Contest Entries close in 2 Days.

Erannorth Reborn - January 10, 2020

If you plan on taking part in the modding contest you still have 2 days! Entries will close this Sunday. By the look of things (1 entry so far), we probably won't be having a vote or any future contests. ːsteamsadː

Misc Ally Changes, Card Overview and DLC Status Update

Erannorth Reborn - January 6, 2020

I'll start with the DLC status update: This patch concludes the remaining 5% of the DLC development cycle with the Limited Edition set and all done. I will be spending most of the coming week playing ahem, testing the DLC. (This also means that the release date will probably move as early as 20 January.)

Improved Encounter generation, Portrait filter and additional DLC resources

Erannorth Reborn - January 3, 2020

This is a minor patch, despite the large update size (due to to adding the remaining graphic assets for the DLC).

DLC1 Preview Ended today and DLC Content removed from the Development Branch

Erannorth Reborn - January 2, 2020

Have an awesome and Happy New Year ahead!

Naga Race in DLC Preview, Bugfixes and Minor QoL improvements

Erannorth Reborn - December 30, 2019

First of all, I'd like to wish to you a Happy New Year, with health, love and joy!

Ally issue Hotfix and QoL additions. DLC Preview expires soon!

Erannorth Reborn - December 26, 2019

This is a small patch, but it's highly recommended to upgrade to this version as it fixes a critical issue with the allies. It also adds some QoL additions requested by the community, like more Character Creation presets and the Ctrl modifier when purchasing cards in Towns.

Book of Heroes, Ascension Chains and the new Plus Modes

Erannorth Reborn - December 18, 2019

This build adds two major (and highly anticipated) features in the game: The Book of Heroes & Ascension chains.

New Targeting Systems, Looting shortcuts and Font Size Setting

Erannorth Reborn - December 16, 2019

This patch fixes an important bug regarding the Ally Limit, and also adds several requested QoL improvements. The major four being:

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Erannorth Reborn

Erannorth Reborn is a hardcore sandbox Card Game with heavy emphasis on Deck-Building, Character Customization and Moddability. Create unique characters with distinctive attributes, racial/class skills and perks that affect your cards.


Developer: Spyridon Thalassinos

Publisher: Spyridon Thalassinos

Type: game

Released: October 17, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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