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Would you sell your soul for vengeance? Would you be willing to become a servant of an immortal deity, to have your whole being transformed into a weapon of war and destruction?

Play as a resurrected hero on a warpath of vengeance. Aim precisely and slice through the flesh of your enemies in our unique take on stamina-based combat! Grow stronger in power, either by chopping your way across the battlefield or by using abilities to turn the environment into a deadly weapon. Wield a blade with a mind of its own while you fight and sacrifice enemies to appease the ancient gods.

  • UNIQUE COMBAT SYSTEM featuring skill-based fights with precise targeting and tactical approach.

  • SATISFYING SWORDPLAY giving you the feeling of cutting through real flesh, with unique real time mesh slicing mechanics.

  • VERSATILE COMBAT POWERS based on ancient druidic magic and long forgotten secrets from the darkest parts of the Forest.

  • SKILL TREE PROGRESSION is tied with the game world. Hunt your enemies, cut them into offerings and sacrifice them to upgrade your skills and powers.

  • GRIM AND INTENSE WORLD with epic story based on revenge, betrayal and a faint glimmer of hope.

  • INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT is a battlefield itself and a weapon. Be observant, think on your feet and use the surroundings to crush your enemies and progress through the levels.


“There’s a fun action game with a lot of promise here, and we’re sure to hear more about Warlander in the near future, as the developers are targeting a release this year.”
Wccf tech

“Your light and strong attacks can chop enemies to pieces, especially the weaker mobs, and it feels really good when that happens. I mean, who doesn't like chopping enemies in half?”

“However, this is no simple hack-and-slash game. There is a much deeper combat system in play that will quickly overwhelm players if they try to button mash their way to victory.”

Wreak your path of vengeance in a world torn by the conflict between the Old Gods and a new Techno Order. Every move you make in Warlander’s combat has consequences and simulates a feeling of close-quarters fighting, rewarding strikes aimed at exposed flesh and punishing thoughtless attacks.


Developer: Clock Drive Games

Publisher: Clock Drive Games

Type: game


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