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Something Ate My Alien

Game created by Rokabium Games and released April 1, 2020 .

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SAMA Discount 20% extended into Summer Sale!

Something Ate My Alien - June 25, 2020

Yay! The Summer sale is here!

SAMA has RELEASED with 20% discount!

Something Ate My Alien - June 18, 2020

We're excited to announce that we have just released our game "Something Ate My Alien".

SAMA Steam Game Festival Launch - Live Stream

Something Ate My Alien - June 18, 2020

[h2]Live Stream - Launch Event[/h2]

SAMA Steam Game Festival - Live Stream

Something Ate My Alien - June 16, 2020

[h2]Live Stream[/h2]

SAMA Quick Pitch!

Something Ate My Alien - June 16, 2020

Something Ate My Alien is a 2D, digging and puzzle platformer game where you take the role of the AI Antalasia, and control your little Alien blobs to explore the planets you visit! Your task is to dig through the ground of the different worlds and find all the items required by the pirate that is hijacking you. During the adventure on each planet you have to battle environmental dangers, fight off wildlife, solve secret puzzle chambers, and all this while surviving on a depleting oxygen supply and a threat far scarier than the local wildlife.

Release date announcement!

Something Ate My Alien - May 14, 2020

We are extremely excited to announce that our 2D puzzle and digging adventure game “Something Ate My Alien” is finally in a complete state and will be released 18th June 2020!

Development news

Something Ate My Alien - April 13, 2020

With the release date being pushed to June 2020, this has now given us a little more time to polish and test the game.

Progress Update

Something Ate My Alien - April 8, 2020


Dev progress update

Something Ate My Alien - January 14, 2020

It’s official, we are nearing the end of development of our game “Something Ate My Alien” and we will be releasing it on the Steam platform in April 2020!

More Alpha testers wanted!

Something Ate My Alien - December 3, 2019

We have a new Alpha release out and we are now releasing through Steam.

SAMA - Progress update

Something Ate My Alien - June 23, 2019

It’s been a busy time with our Alpha testers these last few weeks. Lots of feedback and ideas coming in. We’ve just come out with a new update for the Alpha version. This version is including lots of bug fixes and changes from the testers.

Our first Interview

Something Ate My Alien - May 8, 2019

IndieRangers did an interview with us a few days ago, click the link below to have a read and learn a few things about us.

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Something Ate My Alien

SAMA is a hand painted, digging and puzzle adventure where you take the role of a mining ship and the little Alien blob crew hijacked by a pirate ship. Your Aliens have to dig, fight and puzzle their way through the subterranean worlds fulfilling the ransom demand. Can you do it?


Developer: Rokabium Games

Publisher: Rokabium Games

Type: game

Released: April 1, 2020


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