The Lord of The Rings LCG - The Shadow's Fall Expansion

Dlc created by Fantasy Flight Interactive and released March 14, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

Enter Four New Heroes

The Shadow's Fall expansion includes four intrepid new heroes to aid in your quests, each in their own new Hero Pack.

The King Under The Mountain
From the Iron Hills to the Lonely Mountain, Dáin II Ironfoot rules the Dwarves of the north with wisdom and integrity...

The Unsung Hero
Fredegar Bolger is as quick-witted as they come. The Hobbit uses cleverness and stealth to elude enemies on the road to victory...

The Light of Hope
Noble Glorfindel is one of the Elven-wise. With unrivaled courage and wisdom, he stands as one of the Dark Lord's greatest foes...

The Warden of Arnor
Armed with knowledge of the wild lands, the Ranger Idraen defies the unnatural magics of the Dark Lord and his minions...

The Shadow's Fall Campaign

This second campaign for The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game adds a whole new series of five quests to explore and overcome. In this direct sequel to The Shadow's Reach, you will leave the golden leaves of the Forest of Lórien as you are commanded by none other than Galadrial and Celeborn to uncover the reason for the Orc activities in Mirkwood.

Along the way you'll meet friends, both old and new, uncover a new threat to the free peoples and face off against your most challenging adversary yet. Fraught with new perils and challenges, The Shadow's Fall creates all new experiences for you to resolve and showcases all new game behaviors and gameplay.

As with all new campaign releases, the first quest is always free, so all players will be able to try out this new quest, even if they don't own The Shadow's Fall.

The Silver Claws
The Elves of Lóren have held a council. They are concerned with the news of Spiders and Orcs working together in southern Mirkwood. With no word from Radagast, you are sent to seek him out and gain his counsel.

From here you will be adventuring across Southern Mirkwood facing new foes, overcoming new challenges and fighting in desperate new fights against terrifying new adversaries.

Triple Sphere Decks

With the new hero pack release, you now have the ability to create triple sphere decks. You definitely give up the diverse versatility of a standard deck when you take this option, but you make up for it with access to very powerful third level cards. To celebrate, we've added the following Level 3 cards to the Vault for you to unlock and use.
The Lord of The Rings LCG - The Shadow's Fall Expansion

The Shadow's Fall is the first expansion for Lord of the Rings : The Living Card Game. Coming with 4 new Heroes packs and continuing the Shadow's Reach storyline. Dive further into Bilbo's journey !


Developer: Fantasy Flight Interactive

Publisher: Asmodee Digital

Type: dlc

Released: March 14, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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