International Affairs

Game created by Great Idea Games and released April 1, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

Set in the ultra-exclusive world of the UN, International Affairs challenges YOU to romance powerful heads of state while attempting to uncover a sinister and horrifying threat to global security. With jaw-dropping dialogue, outrageous plot twists, and lavishly illustrated art, the prospect of achieving world peace has never been so sensual!

Choose from a dazzling array of globetrotting hunks including Drumpf, a stable, orange genius with a wall around his heart; Poutine, Russian bear lover and leather daddy extraordinaire; Little Kim, an angry Asian dictator with something to prove; Macaroon, a suave Casanova with expertise in the art of French kissing; and Justin Truffaut, the kind, considerate Canadian next door.


  • Roughly 2-5 hours of gameplay per playthrough
  • MASSIVE variety of branching paths, dialogue choices, and dates
  • Authentic jazz soundtrack
  • Hilarious and engaging dialogue written by a team of semi-professional writers
  • A brightly illustrated world sure to delight the senses!
  • The ability to plan your own World Peace Festival: Choose a theme, select a location, hire a caterer and create decorations
  • Travel the globe, visiting beautiful and exotic locales including Washington, Paris, Moscow, and more
  • Shocking, propulsive storyline stuffed full of secrets, with 10+ unique endings!


“Funny, outrageous, and quite possibly amoral.”
5 Stars – HubPages
International Affairs

2019's most controversial and exciting release, International Affairs asks: "Do YOU have what it takes to seduce a world leader?!" With shocking plot twists, jaw-dropping dialogue, and five globetrotting hunks to choose from, the prospect of achieving world peace has never been so sensual.


Developer: Great Idea Games

Publisher: Great Idea Games

Type: game

Released: April 1, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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