International Affairs

Game created by Great Idea Games and released 1 week from now .

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Detailed Description

International Affairs is the first satirical dating sim brave enough to ask the question: "Do YOU have what it takes to seduce a world leader?" You play as Larry Lopez, a fresh faced UN intern looking to find love and ensure that the dream of world peace becomes a reality. But with so many globetrotting hunks vying for your attention, an important festival looming on the horizon, and a secret threat to global security lurking just beneath the surface, it’s not just your heart that’s at stake, but the fate of the entire world!

Choose from a plethora of fully datable world leaders including Drumpf, the stable, orange genius determined to make dating sims great again; Poutine, a Russian bear lover and leather daddy extraordinaire; Kim, an angry Asian dictator with something to prove; Macaroon, a suave playboy with expertise in the art of “French” kissing; and Justin Truffaut, the kind, considerate Canadian next door.


  • Massive variety of branching paths and dates
  • The ability to plan your own World Peace Festival: Choose a theme, select a location, hire a caterer and more
  • Gorgeous hand drawn art that puts the VISUAL in visual novel
  • Romance! Bathrooms! Political intrigue!
  • Fun, jazzy soundtrack
  • Hilarious and engaging dialogue written by Dr. Thelonious Spunk
  • Travel the world, visiting beautiful and exotic locales including Washington, Paris, and Moscow
  • Stuffed full of secrets, with 10+ unique endings!
International Affairs

International Affairs is the first dating sim brave enough to ask the question: "Do YOU have what it takes to seduce a world leader?" With branching paths, witty dialogue and 5 unique world leaders to choose from, the prospect of achieving world peace has never been so sensual!


Developer: Great Idea Games

Publisher: Great Idea Games

Type: game

Released: 1 week from now


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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