Pilot Unknown

Game created by Nathaniel Carter and released March 28, 2019 .

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Detailed Description

Instead of wielding sword and shield, you will fly a sentinel 001 through mysterious, randomly generated space dungeons.

  • Repair and pilot 8 space vessels
  • Explore 7 alien dungeons
  • Collect and unlock over 100 relics that change how you play
  • Wield 12 unique weapons
  • Navigate puzzle rooms, asteroid fields, and booby-trapped space stations


  • Procedural Level Generation: Every run is unique with levels randomly assembling from a pool of 50+ hexagons. Each floor contains a combination of combat, shop, puzzle, quest, and boss rooms.
  • Randomized Item Drops: With over 150 items to discover, the player can customize their ship however they like. Every level contains a random distribution of firearms, power-ups, and robotic allies. Synergies are waiting to be built.
  • Permanent Death: There is no mercy for those who crash-land. Death in the dungeon means restarting the first floor with no items.
  • Inter-Run Progression: Although death is permanent, a persistent resource allows the player to unlock new ships without hitting defined checkpoints. Defeating each of the 7 levels unlocks a variety of new game elements, along with that dungeon’s marquee faction core.
Pilot Unknown

Pilot Unknown launches the roguelike into space. This bullet hell shooter consists of equal parts action and mystery. Hone your piloting skills to take down enemies; hone your strategic plan to take down the dungeon. You will need both to survive in Pilot Unknown.


Developer: Nathaniel Carter

Publisher: Nathaniel Carter

Type: game

Released: March 28, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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