Boobs 'em up

Game created by Cool Girls Games and released February 22, 2019 . 169 DLCs have been released, the last on July 29, 2019.

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Detailed Description

You are playing as a prostitute at the beginning of her career. To start doing this business and make money you should get your place on the street. The better place, means more clients and more money. To get such place, you have to fight with dozens of other prostitutes who want to work on this street too. You will not back down, you are a naked amazon and are ready to kill everybody on your way.

When you win the level you will be transferred to the club where each personage is dancing his own special sexy dance.

Key features of Boobs 'em up game:
- sexy fights on the streets
- bad naked sexy girls
- different personages
- skills upgrade system
- skill points collection
- won fights statistic for each personage
- very realistic boobs physics
- different weapons, like gun and sex toys
- easy controls
- 77 different types of enemies attack
- 35 different hits
- 15 types of knock downs
- 8 defends
- 3 stand up
- 12 idle animations
- 152 different sounds for the beat, attacks etc
- Steam achievements

You and other prostitutes are not hiding their bodies. The are naked, because they want to show their sexy tits and the whole bodies to the potential clients, but it does not prevent them from fighting. Do you want to participate in this battle? Then download the game and have fun!
Boobs 'em up

Boobs 'em up - the fight of naked prostitutes


Developer: Cool Girls Games

Publisher: Cool Girls Games

Type: game

Released: February 22, 2019


Score: 0

Recommendations: 0

Metacritic: 0

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