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Desire Den

Game created by Frosted Brain: After Dark and released March 19, 2019 .

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Desire Den VR 1.04 Major Update

Desire Den - June 19, 2019

- Switched Player Movement To VRTK

Desire Den VR 1.03b LAN VR Fix

Desire Den - May 26, 2019

- Quick fix to the VR version, last update included a broken VR build.

Desire Den PC/VR 1.03b Quick Fix

Desire Den - May 25, 2019

- Fixed Missing Breast Collision On Desiree's Scene

Desire Den PC/VR Update 1.03

Desire Den - May 24, 2019

- Corrected Chicken Rotation Bug

Desire Den Mobile Update 2a

Desire Den - April 28, 2019

- Optimized performance

Desire Den PC 1.02

Desire Den - March 27, 2019

- Updated the loading screen controls to include the "Speak" button for the dialogue system.

Desire Den PC 1.01 Patch

Desire Den - March 23, 2019

- Fixed the spelling of "Kobold" in the menus

Desire Den PC v1.0 Transition To Full Release

Desire Den - March 19, 2019

Desire Den is now ready to move to 1.0 and out of Early Access

Desire Den PC Update + VR Multiplayer And Android APK

Desire Den - March 2, 2019

Penetration Update For All Versions

Desire Den VR Patch

Desire Den - February 10, 2019

- Fixed an issue with an invisible wall preventing users from being able to enter the basement/dungeon (Thanks to @hawki for pointing this out)

Desire Den Early Access Update 4 (VR Edition)

Desire Den - February 5, 2019

- Updated the VR version to include the new sex scenes from the latest PC update

Desire Den Early Access Update 3

Desire Den - February 4, 2019

- Added a new non playable male character "Lucid The Dragon"

Desire Den Early Access Update 2

Desire Den - February 2, 2019

- Updated the Main Menu to reflect the actual level

Desire Den Early Access Update 1

Desire Den - February 1, 2019

- Added Ivanna right arm IK fix for sex scene by bar

How to access the VR version

Desire Den - January 31, 2019

The VR version is included as a separate .zip located in the main game's install folder. Simply extract this folder and run the .exe to play in VR with full roomscale locomotion.

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Desire Den

Desire Den is a scalie/furry themed swinger club simulator that includes versions for PC, VR and Android


Developer: Frosted Brain: After Dark

Publisher: Frosted Brain

Type: game

Released: March 19, 2019


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