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Desire Den

Game created by Frosted Brain: After Dark and released March 19, 2019 .

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Desire Den PC Update 1.2

Desire Den - February 13, 2020

- Pinky Idle Loop Fix

Desire Den PC Update 1.1 Major Changes And Fixes

Desire Den - November 11, 2019

- Fixed Lucid Dialogue Collider Trigger

How to play the VR version / Installing the Android apk

Desire Den - November 10, 2019

You'll find the roomscale VR version in your install directory in a folder called "Desire Den VR 1.05d1" currently all roomscale VR headsets are supported.

Desire Den PC 1.07 with Desire Villa Android Demo (No VR Update)

Desire Den - November 8, 2019

- Fixes to the scene where the player subs to Lucid (Animation loop fixed, no more seams!)

Desire Den Major PC Update 1.06

Desire Den - July 18, 2019

- Fixed Loading Hang When Going To The Main Menu From The Pause Menu

VR Quick update 1.05d1

Desire Den - July 11, 2019

- Quick Finger Fix For Desiree's Scene By The Dancer

Desire Den PC/VR 1.05d With Mobile Version v2a

Desire Den - July 10, 2019

- Added Finger Posing To All Scenes (No more flat hands!)

Desire Den VR Update 1.05d

Desire Den - July 10, 2019

- Reduced Visible Animation Loops

Desire Den PC 1.05 Quick Fix

Desire Den - June 25, 2019

- Fixed Aleph's M/M Scene To Prevent Him From Being Cloned During His Sex Scene

A Note For VR Players

Desire Den - June 25, 2019

A player in the Steam discussions asked why some of the wolves/dogs upstairs are see through.

Desire Den PC 1.05 Update - VR Launch Option Now Available

Desire Den - June 25, 2019

VR Mode Can Now Be Launched From Steam

Desire Den Mobile v2a Now Included In Install Files

Desire Den - June 21, 2019

New Doggie Den update for mobile coming soon.

Desire Den VR 1.05 Update (Content and Fixes)

Desire Den - June 21, 2019

- Tooltips Automatically Disable After 30 Seconds

Desire Den VR 1.04 Quick AI Fix

Desire Den - June 19, 2019

- Fixed Bug Causing Walking Wolves On Second Floor To Slide Randomly After Stopping

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Desire Den

Desire Den is a scalie/furry themed swinger club simulator that includes versions for PC, VR and Android


Developer: Frosted Brain: After Dark

Publisher: Frosted Brain

Type: game

Released: March 19, 2019


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