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Early Access Update #2 - Creameo Is Here!

This update features the release of a new cookie, Creameo! Creameo is a chocolate cookie who blasts opponents with his creamy filling!

Cookies vs. Claus - 2 hours ago

Official Release!!

All the exciting missions and challenging boss fights are in, trading cards are in, and the game is running smoothly! How high up the leaderboard can you go in Endurance mode?! Prove yourself a worthy Psyche Soldier and defeat each mission on Psychonaut difficulty.

Psyche Soldier VR - 3 hours ago

Update 2017 1214

We uploaded a fix to a bug we thought we squashed until we watched larszua stream PROJECT AZRIEL on Twitch. The video helped us to trouble shoot the problem and solve it. We ran some tests and it appears the problem is no longer present.

PROJECT AZRIEL - 3 hours ago

Sign up for the first official tournament win free keys! :)

Follow this link for details:

Dustwind - 3 hours ago

Demo out now! Play for free! v0.1.1

Are your friends playing SoulHunt? Do you want to play along, but you don’t have the game yet? Well you could of course always just buy the game too, we would like that :)

SoulHunt - 3 hours ago

A Year In Orbit! - 33% Flash-Sale Hats!

On the 16th of December last year, Stormtide released Satellite Command on Steam.

Satellite Command - 3 hours ago

Mages of Mystralia v1.5.25517

Today we are deploying a patch containing the following fixes:

Mages of Mystralia - 4 hours ago

1 Month On Steam

CS2D is available on Steam for exactly one month now and quite a lot of amazing stuff happened in that time!

CS2D - 4 hours ago

Patch 1.0.2

- fixed crash after waking from sleep mode

Teal - 4 hours ago

Nao's 12 Days of Winter Gifting!

Login between 12/14-12/30 and if you're on the nice list, (which is all of you) Nao will grant you some gold, boosters, and on the 12th day of login, a Special Edition Nao Card!

Duel of Summoners: The Mabinogi Trading Card Game - 4 hours ago

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