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World Boxing Manager: Aggroblakh - 2 hours ago

The long awaited modding functionality has been implemented! Change stats, add traits, change fighter names and appearances, the works!

MachRace: enko - 4 hours ago
Alpha 2 Released.

Alpha 2 Release is here.

Blackwake: Mastfire Studios - 4 hours ago
Current issues

NOTE: All servers will be restarting for this patch, hang tight!

Pyramid VR: partechie - 7 hours ago
Major Bug Discovered..

OK, surprised no one has pointed it out to us but we discovered in the release build a major bug (at least on our end anyway) that prevents the player from going from back a level then forward again. So from level 1 to the outside of the pyramid works but going back in it sends you back outside. from level 2 to level 1 sends you back to level 2 etc..

Parkitect: Sebioff - 7 hours ago
Devlog Update 135

Hey! As usual near the end of the month, come join us on Garrets Twitch channel on Wednesday (March 1st) at 1pm PST to chat while watching some new Parkitect art being created.

Fazbear Nightmare: DylaNemesis - 8 hours ago
Small update

we as a Studio lOve the fazbear prOject and are trying our hardest to work oN project FBN but the time windows we get are few and far between so as much as we want to have a build released as soon as possible we aren't going to give false hope on when that will be.

Collision Course: CollisionCourse - 8 hours ago
v0.03 Preview

A sneak peek of some of the things we're adding in for v0.03. :)

QuiVr: Blueteak - 9 hours ago
Patch 0.35.8b4

This update is available on the beta branch for QuiVr. It can be accessed by going to your steam library, right clicking QuiVr, and selecting Properties -> Betas -> and selecting the 'beta -' branch. You can revert this by going to the same place and selecting 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs'.

Absent Mind: Dylan Latham - 9 hours ago
Update 1.1

- Improved framerate

Tyd wag vir Niemand: skobbejakgames - 10 hours ago
UPDATE: v0.2 Now available, New Level Added.

First of all, thanks so much for all the support with the Early Access release, we're very glad you're all enjoying Tyd wag vir Niemand so far, we're really having a lot of fun with development and were happy that we can share in the fun with our players.

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