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Update 17.10.22

1、Now you can adjust difficulty.

Chinese Chess/ Elephant Game: 象棋 - 1 hour ago

Major update v1.5 is live !

V1.5 update notes :

Raid On Coasts - 2 hours ago

Feature Updates - 3

Released Version 2.7

Poseidon - Project Dark Sky - 3 hours ago

Halloween in FoxyLand!

Halloween in FoxyLand!

FoxyLand - 3 hours ago


- Fixed bug that can not be advanced from tutorial

DUELEUM - 4 hours ago

Space Dream VR Demo 1.06 now Live!

The Space Dream VR Demo 1.06 is now available for download.

Space Dream VR - 4 hours ago

Visibility Push Discount delayed!

We can not make a discount before 2.November so this is delayed, as also

VEmpire - The Kings of Darkness - 5 hours ago

Holdfast: NaW - Organised Play Team Chat! Changelog 8

Holdfast: Nations At War has been updated! Today we would like to start with a big thanks to all the crews and regiments in the game. In this update we made sure to pay some well-deserved attention to facilitate the administration of events, introduce a new linebattle map, chat channels and increasing the player count limit from 126 to 150 players for the army based game modes per server - All aimed towards promoting and aiding organised play.

Holdfast: Nations At War - 7 hours ago

Oct 25th Update Preview: DualRoad

Black Squad - 7 hours ago

Mac version is available now!

Mac version can be downloaded now!

JU - 7 hours ago

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