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Shopping Tycoon - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:25 am


Shopping Tycoon is a game in which your main objective is to design, build and manage a big shopping mall. Become a successful entrepreneur by satisfying your customers’ needs as you have fun constructing your own business.

Manage your mall:

Unlock the best brands of clothing, jewelry, technology and much more. Meet the needs of your customers with toilets, restaurants and other services. Manage and expand the transport (bus, metro and taxis) so that more people come to buy your products. Equip your building with fire prevention systems and avoid little disasters. Manage the temperature, lighting, decoration and security systems of your building. Hire and manage the best staff and make your customers happy! Get celebs visiting your mall. Upgrade it to satisfy trademark investors and building inspectors.


● Design, create and manage your shopping mall.
● Clothing, footwear, jewelry, technology, sports, pets, restaurants and much more.
● Unlock exclusive products from the best brands and display them on your shelves.
● Other players will be able to visit your mall.
● Celebrity guest stars.
● Transportation management.
● Equip your building with fire prevention systems.

Real Farm - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:24 am

Pull on your boots, fire up your tractor, and cultivate success in Real Farm, the most immersive agricultural simulator around. Go from farm hand to agricultural A-list in Career mode, or cultivate the role of an established farmer in Free Mode. Explore a stunning open world, bringing to life the American countryside in native 4K, 60FPS splendour.

Concentrate on crops, livestock, or both, growing your cash and reputation as you go. Acquire land, manage staff, and drive and maintain the most powerful farm vehicles available.

Reap the best prices in the marketplace, but watch your competitors, as their actions (and yours) will affect the economy in real time. From business challenge to pastural playground, Real Farm cultivates the life, the rewards and the natural beauty of modern agriculture.

  • Dive into a huge, open world presented in sumptuous native 4k

Duckles: the Jigsaw Witch - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:23 am

16-bit a gogo! Harken back to the days of fun gaming and traditional skill with a modern twist! Lured by a vengeful spirit of a defeated witch, Duckles, and his friends, find themselves trapped on a mysterious island full of deadly sorceresses! What heinous plans does this gruesome Witch have for him? This is NO place for a colourful a little duck to be but he's all the more determined to prove otherwise when he learns of the oppressed island's true origins. Discovering new allies and formidable foes along they way, Duckles must save the Winged Folk, restore peace to the island and vanquish the evils that pulsate in the blackest of hearts, of the Jigsaw Witch!


With a blend of classic 16-bit platforming and the Metroidvania genre, platform your way across diverse landscapes, from a lava-filled hotel, spiders' nest to gothic frog castles and Atlantis city filled with soda pop! Collect secrets, brew ingredients, find bonuses, witch-essence and more, as you climb, jump, bounce, slash, combo and ride your way to victory!


Toggle between cooperative and single player anytime during your playthrough locally to help defeat the witches.


Over 32 catchy and atmospheric songs composed from the heart - a nod to those who love game music!


Over 10 crazy and challenging bosses with unique quirks, themes, and epicness! Loads of characters and NPCs - all with unique background stories and personalities! Nothing stays the same!


Battle it out with your duck hero sword and eggplant cannon, with the all new unique 'Placed Time Event' system that allows players to perform cool feats with just one simple touch of the button, whilst keeping the challenge engaging during combat!


Don't judge a duck by his feathers! Get the true ending to conclude an in-depth but funny story, featuring a crazy cast of friends and foes!

Lily's Day Off - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:22 am

You just ran into the famous idol, Lilypad Lily! Will you help her or hurt her?

You wake up on the side of the road. Upon opening your eyes, you find yourself looking directly at the famous pop idol, Lilypad Lily! But something is amiss. With each decision you make, personalities, histories, and outcomes take dramatic and wild turns. Will you help Lily find her home? Maybe you'll become her stalker? (Or perhaps she will become yours!?)

Try to uncover the true ending to figure out what is behind all of these strange happenings.

Lily's Day Off is a visual novel which puts the player in the position of the main character. You will play through the game and make choices as you interact with Lily, the famous pop idol sensation.

However, this is not your typical visual novel where each route gives you new information on solid character personalities. As you make choices and progress in this game, your actions drastically change the character personalities, experiences, and outcomes.

There are 16 endings in total, each with a completely different theme.

This is a comedy visual novel. There are no explicit scenes. There is, however, some violence and scary scenes.

  • Lily has 6 different outfits she can wear!

Introvert Quest - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:21 am

Introvert Quest is a comedy based JRPG set in a fictional, modern setting. In it, the player will experience the life of a socially awkward shut-in named Bryce Han, who is pushed into (for him Herculean) tasks by his therapist and friend of his late father, Dr. Abe Eisner.

Through the intensive four day therapy, the player will tackle tasks such as: going to the store, making new friends, finding a part time job and many more. But, even such menial tasks can hold may dangers of a big city for one not used to its streets. Scammers, beggars and delinquents lurk around every corner waiting for unsuspecting targets.

Make friends and enemies in this twisted modern day RPG where every day activities seem like a grueling tasks for the player to deal with. Be careful what you do or say for every choice will have some consequences in the future, for the past choices cannot be rewritten!

The gameplay of Introvert Quest will feature mostly dialogue based adventuring, concentrated on a multiple choice system. Choices will impact future events and interaction with other characters inhabiting Sky City. Introvert Quest also features JRPG style battles, but not as a main focus (mostly optional, plus an entire optional mini game aspect: Digital Duels a game that a lot of people play). Battles will be turn based with highly animated attacks. And lastly, but most importantly, after finishing the game successfully, the player will be thrust into a new, completely different experience.


 Branching storyline
 Multiple choices that impact the story
 Action packed turn based battles
 Big city to explore which unlocks as the hero gains more and more confidence
 Hyperbole version of various human weaknesses
 Form social links with other inhabitants of he city
 Love life and your fellow man!
 New Game + with a lot of new

Guts and Glory - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:20 am

Workshop Level Editor

Easily build custom levels with the powerful in-game Level Editor, then upload them to the Workshop with a single button. Subscribe to levels in the Workshop and they will be added to the Community Tracks list in-game for infinite new content to play!

About the Game

Welcome to Guts and Glory -- The craziest game show on earth, where ordinary people compete in extraordinary challenges of life and death, for glory!

The objective is simple: Race to the finish line while everything tries to kill you.

Dodge spinning saw blades, deadly spikes, explosives, turrets, and a growing list of other hazards—while navigating insane tracks set in a wide variety of environments. A game full of LOLs and WTFs and OMGs, where failing can be just as much fun as winning. Do it to prove your awesomeness. Do it for the laughs. Do it for the glory!

Featuring a Level Editor to create your own Death Traps!

Current Features:

  • Physics-driven vehicles with dynamic damage and destruction

Hinterhalt - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:19 am

“Hinterhalt” is an amazingly simple, yet tremendously hard World War 2 real time strategy game. Command your army, build basements, fortifications or even artilleries to both protect and lead your army to victory. The game includes a skirmish & zombie game modes as well as a campaign and a tutorial level to get you started. The complex designed AI behaves every game differently, acting more or less aggressive, defensive or passive.


The game takes place during World War 2. The campaign offers approximately about 2-5 hours of gameplay. The zombie and skirmish mode offer additional play time and can be played independently from the campaign or each other.

Art Style:

The cartoonish low poly kind of style with bright colors make this game truly unique for real time strategy games. Smooth animations, carefully designed GUI and exciting background music and effects add an additional great experience to the game.


In skirmish you can choose your desired faction (Allied powers vs Axis powers) and battle against the AI freely. You start with little money and troops but so does the AI. Completely destroying your opponent or reaching the capture-point limit leads to victory.

Zombie Mode:

Starting with only a few men you have to survive as long as you can. Waves start every 2-3 min. Each waves increases the number of zombies and make them stronger. Money and ammunition are very limited, so every decision you take must be wisely chosen.

Early access:

The game will be discounted during early access. The main goal is to improve the game and collect feedback from the community! Final release should be around 2017/2018.

OneScreen Wagons - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:19 am

Legends of Talia: Arcadia - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:19 am

Arcadia is a legendary knight who’s fought in innumerable battles in the war-torn land of Talia. She’s beloved by the people, despite her relatively young age, and many consider her a goddess among mortals. She fought in the battle of Kadath in her youth, saved Amaranth Village from destruction, and has defeated hundreds of Talia’s enemies with her sword... But there’s one legend about Arcadia nobody speaks of.
More than ten years, a horned dragon attacked Freycross Village. Arcadia happened to be there at the time, and could have saved the lives of the villagers – but she didn’t. The village burnt to the ground, and almost all the villagers perished. Arcadia might be a hero, but those who survived the attack on Freycross Village resent her.
They hate her. They even want her dead.


A legendary knight whose name is known throughout Talia. The people have given her numerous titles and accolades – the Scourge of the Battlefield, Champion of Kadath, the Protector of Amaranth Village – but she prefers to go by ‘Arcadia’.

She was a child warrior in her youth, who took up the sword to defend her country when she was only fourteen.
Now more than a decade has passed, and Arcadia has grown tired of fighting. With her faith in her own country shaken, Arcadia has retired from the life of a warrior…

But things aren’t always that simple.


A young woman who lives in a small, easily overlooked village in Littleoak Forest. She’s cheerful and clumsy, but years of study have shaped her into an incredibly powerful mage.
Cecily’s main talents lie in casting ice spells, summoning magic bullets with a flick of her fingertips, and cooking pancakes.


  • Join Arcadia on her adventure in this kinetic Visual Novel
  • Experience an exciting fantasy story
  • Available in English and Chinese
  • Beautiful graphics to visualize the story

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat - detailed_description_changed View December 16, 2017, 3:18 am

Fatal Velocity: Physics Combat is an upcoming multiplayer first person physics combat smasher where speed and the environment are literally your weapons! Players utilize physics based weaponry and abilities to overcome, thrash and smash their opponents with extreme speeds into oblivion! Spread throughout each level are environment hazards that kill instantly ranging from pouring plasma, electricity, fire and acid hazards and moving killers like air traffic, asteroids and hyper trams!

The Physics Weapons - Players Can Choose 4 With No Restriction

  • Grapple_ Tech: Grapples onto surfaces and opponents to hurl about

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