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Project Taurus game

Publisher: Digital Graveyard Ltd.

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Project Taurus is an arcade racing game built for a fun-first multiplayer experience with highly addictive game-play. Smash into cars, launch your friends into walls and abuse the AI in single-player. The game is yours to make what you want.

Posted by:
Dolorous Edd

August 12, 2017


Thanks to the people over at Gamepedia, we now have our official wiki up!

This will be added to over the next few weeks, and I invite the community to help build it up!

Here it is:

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Other Project Taurus News

Alpha Update - 0.7.589.3644

We've introduced a modal system in-game, so many errors should be displayed to the user effectively in-case of any issues cropping up. Also fixes for some of the workshop issues have been implemented, with more to come soon.

Project Taurus - August 12, 2017

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