Score: 1,074,311

Recommendations: 20045 / Metacritic: 78

Awesomenauts game

Released: August 1, 2012

Developer: Ronimo Games

Publisher: Ronimo Games

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Conflict spans the stars as huge robot armies are locked in an enduring battle. Head out to the battlefields with your friends in this 3-on-3 action platformer. Best of all: it's completely free to play!

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January 11, 2017


Who's that? Who could it be? Awesomenauts Update 3.5 is in the works, and it'll include lots of great content like the Level Editor and much more!

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Side-scrolling MOBA Awesomenauts is now free-to-play

Awesomenauts [official site], Ronimo’s 2D side-scrolling MOBA, has switched to free-to-play after almost five years. After commercial MOBAs exploded, most of the next wave were basically Lolbuts (‘like League of Legends but with…’) but Awesomenauts had an interesting take. It’s an action-platformer built upon the MOBA fundamentals of waves, bases, neutral enemies, and all that, an interesting rejiggling which casts off a lot of the MOBA baggage. If you fancy a crack, hey, it’s now free to play. Have a gander: … [visit site to read more]

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Fizzy has left 'The Dizzies' to embark on a solo career, leaving frontwoman Dizzy outraged. Dizzy has gone on a vandalizing spree in downtown Ribbit IV and is currently wanted by authorities.

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Now Free to Play on Steam - Awesomenauts

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