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Developer: EVIL GAMES

Publisher: EVIL GAMES

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ZEROCAR is a near-future super high speed arcade racer. Push your reflexes to the limit in extremely powerful electric hypercars and experience the ultimate sensation of speed.

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ZEROCAR is a near-future super high speed arcade racer. Reach speeds of 500 MPH in electric powered hyper-cars in Time Trial, Drift and Accelerator modes. Push yourself to the limit of speed and skill around a variety of technical, fast and fun tracks set around the world.

ZEROCAR takes place in 2036, challenging players to take part in the ZEROCAR Motorsport World Series. Many new and upcoming electric hypercar manufacturers battle for the world record in ZEROCAR events all over the world.

ZEROCAR pushes players to the limit of skill and reflexes and provides the ultimate sensation of speed.


  • Three Modes - Drift, Accelerator and Time Trial
  • Three vehicles with 18 total liveries
  • Four Locations, with a total of 16 track routes (Switzerland, Utah, Austria, United Kingdom)
  • Tracks up to 64Km in length
  • Time of day - Dawn, Midday, Dusk, Night
  • Three vehicle tiers - Standard, Super, Z Class
  • Driver customisation
  • Steam Leaderboards - Currently shows Personal Best score and the World Record, with more to be added

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