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The Crack I Found That Taketh - Official Soundtrack dlc

Released: 3 months from now

Developer: Yai Gameworks

Publisher: Yai Gameworks

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The official soundtrack for 'The Crack I Found That Taketh'.

Detailed Description

The official soundtrack for 'The Crack I Found That Taketh'. Once purchased, the soundtrack will be located within the main game's installation folder that you may locate by right clicking the game in your Steam Library and choosing 'Properties', going to the 'Local Files' tab, and then selecting 'Browse Local Files' (it'll be among the game's files, in a folder labelled 'The Crack I Found That Taketh Official Soundtrack').

The soundtrack comes in 320kbps .mp3's, all properly labelled, all appropriately marked and labelled for easy organization with album art. There is around 30 minutes worth of music between 28 songs, two of which were unused in the final game. There is also a simple .txt additional document (in English) that expands the background of the game.

Spoilers below;

01.) A Need For Title (0:24)
02.) Welcome Home (1:29)
03.) The Crack (0.39)
04.) Unknown Within (0:11)
05.) A Deep Echo Vibrates (0:54)
06.) The Tunnels (0:32)
07.) Crumbily Grumbily (0:34)
08.) Feel It (1:19)
09.) It's Coming Around The Corner (0:28)
10.) Grounded Bone (0:52)
11.) Humid Crawlspace (1:16)
12.) We All Burn Down Here (0:34)
13.) Out of Breath (0:39)
14.) Isn't Real But Maybe Once Was (2:12)
15.) Too Quiet (1:10)
16.) Piqued Interest (1:00)
17.) The Workshop (1:06)
18.) Lurking (1:09)
19.) Groaning Walls (1:01)
20.) Screamer (1:06)
21.) Rapid Hunt (0:34)
22.) Screaming (1:04)
23.) Call For Me (1:18)
24.) The Underground Mess (2:18)
25.) I'm Going To Make A Game About This (0:24)
26.) Everyone (4:49)
27.) UNUSED TRACK - Listening To You (0:46)
28.) UNUSED TRACK - Record Skip Country Beat (0:41)

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