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The Crack I Found That Taketh game

Released: 3 months from now

Developer: Yai Gameworks

Publisher: Yai Gameworks

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I found a crack in the flooring. I dropped a coin down it, and I haven't seen it since. Something tells me there's more to this. I made this game, in the end it's fiction as I couldn't really depict it right, but I tried. This is an attempt to share with you that crack I found.

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A video game recreation of a crack I found in the floor. I wasn't able to capture it correctly due to my limited skills, but I tried and hope I conveyed even just a fraction of what it was like. Some may call this a walking simulator, others a horror game, and maybe it could even be considered a puzzle game. Humans naturally want to label things to make them easily identifiable, so I'll roll with those labels.

In the game you investigate a crack that I found in that house. It wasn't my house, I should mention. I was always looking down, so there is no ceiling. The crack was maybe just the beginning, but also the ending. It could be considered both easily. It wasn't big enough to fit a person, but a coin fit inside. I dropped the coin into the crack, and I never ended up seeing that coin again. It's not that I particularly valued that coin, but at this point it almost seems odd I never saw it again.

This video game recreation is imperfect to the actual experience, but I tried my best to recreate it. I really tried. In the game you begin by exploring that house and finding the crack I dropped my coin into. You walk around, and you can run. You can also interact with things. That's basically the controls, they're very simple. What isn't as simple is how to progress. I figured it out alone, so it shouldn't be impossible, but it did take me a few weeks, so there is no shame is asking and working it out with others. I condensed the experience I admit, but I think that's for the best.

Some of the crude models and such were done by me and the soundtrack is 90% my work, the rest of it is public domain stuff. The game was made in the SMILE Game Builder Engine, if you're curious. There is no dialogue in the game, so anyone from anywhere could play it. I hope my shared experience is enjoyable, and that you may find the hidden depths of the crack just as I did.

If I had to give a list of features, which I guess I should, they would be as follows:
  • Atmospheric with original sound design
  • Crude 3D art calling back to simpler times and polygons
  • Based on a true story, though I can't say it entirely captured what happened.
  • A no dialogue narrative that can be played in any language.
  • A mystery with layers to uncover.

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