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Recommendations: 781 / Metacritic: 0

BallisticNG game

Released: May 31, 2016

Developer: Neognosis

Publisher: Neognosis

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Go back to the roots of anti-gravity racing with BallisticNG, the completely free and moddable anti-gravity racer serving as a fan homage to the original Wipeout trilogy.

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BallisticNG is a free anti-gravity racing game that takes the genre back to its roots. It's fast, technical and unforgiving. Pick the ship that's right for you and become the best pilot the AGL has ever seen. The game sports five increasingly difficult speed classes across a large range of tracks. You are provided with an assortment of weapons that you can use to damage or even eliminate your opponents.

Import your own ships, build your own tracks. BallisticNG provides you with all the tools you need to create your own content and share it on the Workshop. The modding tools are targeted at more experienced users and provide you with all the freedom you need to create all the endless content you could desire. A lot more modding possibilities will be coming down the road too!

BallisticNG is built on emulating early 90s 3D rendering with a few modern extras thrown on top for good measure. From low poly meshes and low-res textures to wobbly vertices and primitive lighting, BallisticNG goes all out on looking like a game of decades past.

BallisticNG brings back the classic Wipeout formula. You'll glide, bounce, drift and scrape around the tracks at insane speeds. Timing and muscle memory is everything, slip ups can be made but mistakes will not be forgiven. Manage your pitch to stay at maximum speed, keep a good racing line to ensure you hit all the speed pads and of course don't hit the track floor.

If classic physics aren't to your liking, you can switch to a faithful re-creation of the modern Wipeout physics with the flick of a switch.


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