Score: 1,172,539

Recommendations: 1556 / Metacritic: 76

Furi game

Released: July 5, 2016

Developer: The Game Bakers

Publisher: The Game Bakers

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The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free.


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Furi: Valve - May 12, 2017
Daily Deal - Furi, 40% Off

Furi: TheGameBakers - May 12, 2017
Furi Physical Edition and Making Of

We’re delighted to announce today a few surprises that we hope will please Furi’s fans:

Furi: TheGameBakers - March 15, 2017
One More Fight, Furi DLC available on Steam today

We hope you are all warmed up as Furi DLC 'One More Fight' is now available on Steam.

Furi: TheGameBakers - March 10, 2017
Furi DLC 'One More Fight' available Wednesday March 15th

Furi DLC 'One More Fight' will be available this coming Wednesday March 15th on Steam... That's 5 days to warm up!

Furi: TheGameBakers - February 17, 2017
Furi's One More Fight coming to Steam in March

Furi’s additional content: One More Fight will be available on Steam in March. The DLC features The Flame: a complete new boss fight in a new arena, rocking to Scattle’s music. It will also include a little extra. It will be available for 3,99$.

Furi: Valve - December 7, 2016
Daily Deal - Furi, 30% Off

Furi: TheGameBakers - December 4, 2016
Furi Rider Figurine Kickstarter launched!

Furi fans - old and new - how about a figurine of Rider as a reminder of your time with the game?

Furi: TheGameBakers - November 29, 2016
Furi update - Version 1.3.73

Hi Furi players, old ones and new ones!

Furi: TheGameBakers - October 12, 2016
Making of Furi - Episode 2

Happy to share Episode 2 of “Making Of” Furi, directed by Katya Mokolo (Kitsuney).

Furi: TheGameBakers - September 29, 2016
20% off + Making of + Pro-tips video + Speedrun race

You've seen that Furi is 20% off for only one more day, time to tell your friends to get their copy of the game!

Furi: Valve - September 28, 2016
Daily Deal - Furi, 20% Off

Furi: TheGameBakers - September 23, 2016
Furi major update with new features and bug fix - v1.2.58

We're happy to release Furi's first major update.

Furi: TheGameBakers - July 19, 2016
Bug reporting, known issues and patch

Thank you all for your support and your patience with the bugs reported.

Furi: Valve - July 7, 2016
Now Available on Steam - Furi

Furi: (Adam Smith) - July 6, 2016
Wot I Think: Furi

Furi [official site] is a game entirely made up of boss battles. I haven’t completed it yet because the later fights are extremely difficult but I am absolutely determined to become so adept at the slashing and the hacking and the dodging and the shooting that I’ll be able to finish it on the harder difficulty level that unlocks upon completion. I want to be able to beat Furi so effectively that it stops fighting back but , like the freaky foes it contains, outwitting it will only cause it to transform into something even more devious.

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