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Furi game

Released: July 5, 2016

Developer: The Game Bakers

Publisher: The Game Bakers

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The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free.

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Can't find Soundtrack Posted by TheGameBakers () December 7, 2017

You'll find the files in you Steam directory upon purchase: ...Steam\steamapps\common\Furi\Soundtrack

You can easily access that by right clicking Furi in your library in Steam, then Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.

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Unable to access Furier Speedrun mode, despite entering code and opting into beta Posted by TheGameBakers () November 30, 2017

You should be able to play the Furier Speedrun with the beta build...
We are planning on releasing this on the main branch very soon.

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Please Help!!!! (SPOILERS) Posted by TheGameBakers () November 18, 2017

Awesome! Thanks for the tip, we'll spread the word!

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Please Help!!!! (SPOILERS) Posted by TheGameBakers () November 16, 2017

Can you share more info?
- OS version
- CPU/Graphic card
- Furi version

So far we have in total 3 person who reported this bug (over thousands of players on PC). We can't reproduce it internally and have hard time identifying the cause - which is probably related to the user setup. Any hint of a special device/config/system is useful.

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Beat it in Furier! Suggestion to the developers Posted by TheGameBakers () November 16, 2017

Ha ha, it's true that it's almost the first time that this comment about the dodge is made in really constructive way.

To be honest, I agree. It took two years and a half to design the game, and we designed it with the charged dodge because we thought it would be needed for variety and progression. To be able to make enough patterns in long range and close combat that are different and challenge different skills. Maybe it wasn't that much necessary and too much of a tradeoff (the delay).

However, there's more patterns even in Furi mode that require to charge dodge. First in The Strap and then almost in all boss then.

But it's noted, if we make another game with a dash, it probably won't be charged ;-)

Thanks for playing!

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Please Help!!!! (SPOILERS) Posted by TheGameBakers () October 27, 2017

Does the game crash (goes back to desktop) or is it a black screen with wind noise?

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How come the music in-game is different than the ost? Posted by TheGameBakers () October 27, 2017

I'm not sure it's as different as you say, but it's true that there are some differences. The reason is that the music in the game is dynamic, it changes according to what happens, and it's separated loops that are used. In the OST, it's a track designed to be "a track", by each musician. For instance, Carpenter Brut decided to make one track for each of the bosses, combining the Path part and the Combat part. But overall, it's still very close and all the music has been composed by the musicians for the game.

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Quicktime Posted by TheGameBakers () October 27, 2017

You have to quickly move the stick from the center to the edge. So from left to right for instance. What matters is that you go back and forth from the center to the edge, not "circle". Once you do that, it should be a piece of cake to succeed.

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Simply Disrespectful. Posted by TheGameBakers () October 27, 2017

It's an error. Most of the team happens to be french, and in french we don't put an uppercase for a language. If we're talking about Chinese (people) there is an uppercase, otherwise we write the chinese language. But I checked and it happens to be different in english. Oups. English. Learned something, thanks!

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chances on this getting a switch port? Posted by TheGameBakers () October 24, 2017

Still investigating the realism of such a thing.
Our crystal ball says "51% chance this might happen".

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1.4.x Updates Posted by TheGameBakers () October 24, 2017

Nope, no switch button icons sorry.
But the Switch Pro Controller is really nice to hold and use :-)

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1.4.x Updates Posted by TheGameBakers () October 24, 2017

Hi Furists!

We have released an update (v.1.4.94) with simplified chinese and polish localisation.
We also made sure the game was playable with the Switch Pro Controller (when you activate Steam's assistance for controllers).

We still have a to-do list for Furi updates as well as maintenance. Next will probably be the Furier Speedrun in the main branch. Should be pretty soon.

We are what we fight for,
The Game Bakers

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2nd to last stage on 2nd boss doesnt make any sense Posted by TheGameBakers () October 24, 2017

At one point, when The Strap goes hiding, then comes back and jumps at you, you can either react quickly during the animation and repel her without taking any damage, or even before, when she is running at you, using one of the alarms on the pillars or the ground, to attrack her attention.

In the close quarters phase, when she jumps and disappears in the air, you can either dodge her (relatively easy) by dashing when you hear the sound or see the shadow, or for even more efficiency, you can parry (when you do that successfuly it's very satisfying).

For info, the game can be finished without taking any hit. Actually, there is a player who managed to do a full speedrun walkthough without taking any hit... <3

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1.4.x Updates Posted by TheGameBakers () October 23, 2017

We'd need a bit more info.
Is that from yesterday's update? Or did that happen before?
Did it ever work on your computer?
What's your operating system's language?

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RANT! How devs of Furi lied to my face Posted by TheGameBakers () October 16, 2017

We have already answered this kind of rant a few times - you are not the only one reacting like that - but the answer doesn't change.

First: you're completely right. The ending you got IS an ending and you should TOTALLY unlock Furier mode with it. It's clearly an error not to have done that and I'm adding it to the list for a futur update.

Otherwise, at no point do we mock our gamers. If there is something we respect is that, the time our players spend on our game. But on the other end, we are trying to deliver an experience, something that goes beyond simply beating bosses. I feel that to give this ending - a true ending, a consensus that doesn't make you kill too many people - the same effect as any ending (restart the game after reaching it), was necessary. Otherwise it would have been just "a fake ending".

You have all the right to be angry, especially if you triggered the ending by accident, but if you liked the game, I'd love to know that you went past this anger, played it again (you'll reach the same point ten times faster for sure), and finished it in Furi, then in Furier mode. Maybe you'll understand better why there is this ending and why it was important for us to make it erase the save.

As for the hard mode, like I said, should have been unlocked. Will fix that. You can use the TGB code to unlock it, although I don't recommend playing it before finishing all bosses once because it's indeed very hard.
Link for the cheat code if you give Furi another chance ;-)

Come on, stay with us ;-)

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