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Furi game

Released: July 5, 2016

Developer: The Game Bakers

Publisher: The Game Bakers

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The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free.

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Just beat Furier mode.. Posted by TheGameBakers () 2 days ago

Honestly, Furier mode is a blast when you know the game mechanics. In the team, we still love to play it and set our own challenges (like Furier, no KO).

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Projectile trajectory Posted by TheGameBakers () 2 days ago

Yep, 0% random here (and actually, there's really very little random in the game).

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How do you pronounce Furi? Posted by TheGameBakers () March 23, 2017

What if... the fact that it's written Furi with an "i" and not a "y" had an actual meaning ;-).

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Anything similiar to this.... Posted by TheGameBakers () March 18, 2017

Alien Soldier is awesome.
And it was made by almost one guy (incredible back in these days).

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Anything similiar to this.... Posted by TheGameBakers () March 17, 2017

You should totally try Super Punch Out from Nintendo (either find an old Super Famicom or download the ROM or find a Wii with the Wii game). It's a skill-based boss rush (boxing themed), very hard, very fun!

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The secret in the DLC Posted by TheGameBakers () March 15, 2017

That's a shame. Can you write us a mail ( with your config and more information (where / when it crashes exactly)?

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The secret in the DLC Posted by TheGameBakers () March 15, 2017

In PC and PS4 versions, The Flame is only playable from the main menu. He is not linked to the story, on purpose. So you don't have to restart a game to play him.
As the game developers, we prefer the story mode without this character and wanted to keep the story mode as it was when the game released initially.
The boss fight rocks though :-).

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Why doesn't Song's comprimise unlock Furier mode? Posted by TheGameBakers () March 11, 2017

Actually, you are completely right. This ending, which is designed as a legit ending, should unlock Furier mode. We thought that players would enjoy more Furier mode once they are "ready" for it (meaning after they beat all the bosses once), but I like your reasoning better. We should have unlocked Furier after this ending.

By the way, there is a cheat code in the game that unlocks Furier mode from a fresh game, but it has never been found yet :-). We'll reveal it eventually.

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Raging ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t Posted by TheGameBakers () March 7, 2017

Ok thank you for the information. On our side it works, I don't know what may cause the problem.
Something you could try: next time the boss grabs you like that, try punching two key alternatively, quickly, but not left/right arrow. Any two keys you like on the key board (the UI says left-right but actually any key works). That may help (and also save some time, because you can use the keys your fingers are already onto).

Also, this attack from The Chain can be parried (it's hard though) or dodged. When he starts charging to rush on you, run and dodge perpdendicularily to his direction, you'll avoid his grab.

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Raging ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t Posted by TheGameBakers () March 6, 2017

The keys do respond on our side, and many players are using the keyboard & mouse controls without any problems.
Can you give us more details about your config (operating system, keyboard brand, language used...) ?


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a message to the developers Posted by TheGameBakers () February 26, 2017

Sorry we missed the message!
We understand the need and we'll add this idea to the (longer than ever) to do list!
Unfortunately it's not going to be in march 9th update, thanks for understanding!

You should be able to get all the trophies on your second run though!
The Game Bakers

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Free XB1 Boss is PAID DLC on PC Posted by TheGameBakers () February 21, 2017

The PS4 will get the same DLC as steam, the same day :-).

Regarding the fact that it's paid, Fgod is right about the fact that Microsoft required extra content for the game to go on Xbox. Because we know our strongest fan base is on PC and PS4, we really wanted to bring this boss on these platforms. Many players asked for it. So we did the port and the DLC dev. It's 100% sure that we are going to loose money doing this, but the DLC price will cover a part of the development cost.

We put a surprise in the DLC :-). Just a little treat for all of you who have been patient.
Anyway, we wish you'll have a little more of Furi fun in 2017!
Thanks for playing!
The Game Bakers.

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Which is the original version? Posted by TheGameBakers () January 30, 2017

The original version is the english version, in the sense that we recorded the english actors, then we had french actors dubbing over the english version, and japanese actors dubbing the english actors.
However, you should play in the language you prefer, they are all good :-)

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Petite question ... Posted by TheGameBakers () January 30, 2017

Il n'y a pas de version GoG de prévue pour le moment.

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OST music file format? Posted by TheGameBakers () January 3, 2017

It's both MP3 and FLAC.

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