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Furi game

Released: July 5, 2016

Developer: The Game Bakers

Publisher: The Game Bakers

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The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free.

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RANT! How devs of Furi lied to my face Posted by TheGameBakers () October 16, 2017

We have already answered this kind of rant a few times - you are not the only one reacting like that - but the answer doesn't change.

First: you're completely right. The ending you got IS an ending and you should TOTALLY unlock Furier mode with it. It's clearly an error not to have done that and I'm adding it to the list for a futur update.

Otherwise, at no point do we mock our gamers. If there is something we respect is that, the time our players spend on our game. But on the other end, we are trying to deliver an experience, something that goes beyond simply beating bosses. I feel that to give this ending - a true ending, a consensus that doesn't make you kill too many people - the same effect as any ending (restart the game after reaching it), was necessary. Otherwise it would have been just "a fake ending".

You have all the right to be angry, especially if you triggered the ending by accident, but if you liked the game, I'd love to know that you went past this anger, played it again (you'll reach the same point ten times faster for sure), and finished it in Furi, then in Furier mode. Maybe you'll understand better why there is this ending and why it was important for us to make it erase the save.

As for the hard mode, like I said, should have been unlocked. Will fix that. You can use the TGB code to unlock it, although I don't recommend playing it before finishing all bosses once because it's indeed very hard.
Link for the cheat code if you give Furi another chance ;-)

Come on, stay with us ;-)

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Thank you, Gamebakers Posted by TheGameBakers () October 7, 2017

Thank you for playing!
The DLC as well as the leaderboards for the speedrun mode and the achievements are coming on GoG next week, finally!


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PS4 icons? Posted by TheGameBakers () September 16, 2017

What do you mean by PS4 icons? The UI icons depending on the gamepad that's plugged?
It should be the PS4 icons if it's a PS4 gamepad plugged (and Xbox icons otherwise), even on the GoG version. Isn't it?

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chances on this getting a switch port? Posted by TheGameBakers () September 7, 2017

We'd love to make that happen but we need to make sure that's realistic (regarding the framerate). If it becomes an actual thing, we'll let you know through our social networks.
We all agree that would be rad :-).

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Request for Swordsman Mode Posted by TheGameBakers () September 7, 2017

We are working on adding the DLC, achievements and leaderboards to GoG, should be there pretty soon (this month I guess).
A bullet-hell free mode is not on the plan for Furi but that's a nice idea and we'll think about it ;-).
Thanks for the support!

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Suggestion to make the game a lot better for keyboard + mouse Posted by TheGameBakers () July 16, 2017

Thanks, that's actually a good suggestion. We'll add that to the todo list (a long one though), but I agree, it's very relevant.

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♥♥♥♥ THE "DECISION" ON LEVEL SIX! Posted by TheGameBakers () June 15, 2017

Sorry to hear that you triggered it by mistake TWO times, that's really a first. you have to "wait with her" something like 3 minutes, which is pretty long, in order to trigger the sequence.
There is no other way than beating the first 5 bosses again to go back here with your own stats, but we can share a save game at this stage.
Another player asked for it recently:


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Speedrun mode in Furier difficulty Posted by TheGameBakers () June 10, 2017

@Mr. Gency: I understand the suggestion, but it would be impossible (I mean, everything is possible, but that would be a lot of additional work and complexity, it would also make a weirdly complex leaderboard with too many entries).

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Speedrun mode in Furier difficulty Posted by TheGameBakers () June 9, 2017

Hi everyone!
We are thinking of making a beta build with the speedrun mode in Furier difficulty, for the true masochists amongst you.

In the case we make that build, would you be interested in having The Flame and Bernard integrated in the speedrun, or keeping it identical as the Furi speedrun (but in Furier)?

Thanks a lot for the answers!
The Game Bakers

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I found the cheat code to unlock speedrun and Furier mode with fresh save Posted by TheGameBakers () June 1, 2017

It's on all platforms, works with all gamepads, it's a series of buttons to press on the main screen, but we'll leave the privilege to the Hat Man to give you the code, since he says he found it ;-).
(or we'll put it here if he doesn't reply today).

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I found the cheat code to unlock speedrun and Furier mode with fresh save Posted by TheGameBakers () June 1, 2017

Congratulations! We wanted to post it one day or another, so go ahead :).
Kudos for finding it and thanks for asking before posting it!

It's obviously called the "TGBcode".
(note: not only does it unlock speedrun and furier mode on a fresh save, but it also changes the main screen background if you repeat it several times).

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game pad problem Posted by TheGameBakers () May 24, 2017

Sorry to hear that you have controller problems.
We have found some workaround in the past. Maybe you can check the known issue page regarding the PS4/Xbox controllers, there is a link with a solution that might help. Also a beta with version with a different handling of controllers.
You can also check this thread with different solutions that have been tried according to the setups, maybe there is one that fits your setup.
Let us know how that works.
Thanks a lot!

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7th boss shooting through walls Posted by TheGameBakers () May 15, 2017

She should absolutely not be able to shoot through walls. Indeed that must be extremely frustrating, she already has many legit ways of killing you. This has not been reported yet though and we are not aware of this bug. Do you have precise reproduction steps?

A little tip regarding her shooting patterns: move toward her while she aims at you. Hide just a second before the shot. That's a simple way to reach her when she is hiding (otherwise she'll run away). Get close, wait that she aims at you then get to her and slash her.
But anyway, if there is a wall between you and her, you should be safe.

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Question about furi soundtrack Posted by TheGameBakers () May 14, 2017

I guess if you mention the source of the music somewhere (artist/furi OST) that'd be fine :-)

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Question about furi soundtrack Posted by TheGameBakers () May 13, 2017

All tracks are already on youtube on this channel:

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