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Furi game

Released: July 5, 2016

Developer: The Game Bakers

Publisher: The Game Bakers

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The jailer is the key, kill him and you’ll be free.

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OST music file format? Posted by TheGameBakers () January 3, 2017

It's both MP3 and FLAC.

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Is the latest update coming to the "no water reflection" version ? Posted by TheGameBakers () December 18, 2016

We have updated the No Water Reflection build this week.
Link to the thread on how to get it and what it solves:

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Error submitting score, help? Posted by TheGameBakers () December 3, 2016

Thanks for reporting the problem. We looked it up and discovered there was indeed a problem with the score reporting in v.1.3.73. We fixed it and uploaded a v.1.3.74. Sorry about that. Thank you for playing Furi.

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Version 1.3.73 Update Posted by TheGameBakers () November 29, 2016

Hi Furi players, old ones and new ones!

We just released a new update, with some new and neat options:
- Render quality options (may improve performances for lower configurations, give in a try in the options menu)
- HUD position option (if your HUD is vertically cropped on your display)
- Misc bugfixes

Side note: A few players mentioned a stuttering problem. We have not encountered it internally, but we worked on an engine update so hopefully the problem is fixed. Otherwise, it appears that Skype notifications tend to create stuttering.

We will give your more news soon about additional content.
Thank your for playing Furi and for loving it so much!
The Game Bakers.

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How do you progress into boss health bars? Posted by TheGameBakers () November 25, 2016

This is the weirdest thing and we never had any report of a bug like this. If you can record a video that would help. Otherwise you can check our playthrough video (please don't spoil yourself and don't watch the whole thing):

Maybe you'll notice something you're not doing correctly, but from what you describe you're doing it well (and congrats for only one and two tries on boss 2 and 3... that's really good).

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Will this game run on my laptop Posted by TheGameBakers () November 25, 2016

We can't really say if it will work or not, but we have a laptop that looks similar and the game can run on it, but we had to manually choose the graphic card as explained in this tutorial:

Also, we have an upcoming update for the game which has advanced optimisation options. It will probably help.

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A few things I would like to see: Posted by TheGameBakers () November 25, 2016

Nice list. Thanks for the recommendation. We'll add this to the long to do list, although I can't commit to make all this happen. Thanks for playing!

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Why is the easier difficulty meant to be shorter? Posted by TheGameBakers () November 25, 2016

Here is some clarification about the intention behind the Promenade mode.

The game was designed to be played in Furi mode. It's the right difficulty for someone who discovers the game and wants to experience the full experience: meet a boss, get crushed, stand up, try again, get crushed again, a bit further in the fight, try once more, go further, learn to recognize some patterns, get crushed. Cry a little, take a break, try again, shout "ha ha" when you finally dodge this pattern that got you previously, reach the final phase and by miracle and in a awesome last burst of concentration, survive his last pattern and jump all around crying "I GOT YOU!!! I GOT YOUUUUUUUU!".

Eventually, all this perseverance and frustration during the fight converts into great satisfaction.
For the lovers of the genre and the true masochists, we made a Furier game mode, which is REALLY hard but REALLY fun when you master all the game mechanics. In order for it NOT to be just the HP and damaged increased, we spent MONTHS designing new patterns, so that it feels like a real new challenge. I personally love Furier mode and I'm one KO away to make a 0KO run... (some players are currently attempting 0 hit, so yep, they are way better than me).

The Promenade mode was made with a different idea in mind. It's not exactly an "Easy" mode. It's a mode that focuses on other aspects of Furi: the story, the atsmosphere, the music, the concept of duels. The bosses have less life (you actually deal the same amount of damage but they have less HP), less phases and deal less damage. So the fights are shorter (and that makes them easier). This mode was made for people who like the universe, who like the concept, who want to discover all the bosses but who don't want to spend hours of training and frustration trying to master a timing or learn patterns. We have a lot of respect for these players and wanted them to be able to enjoy the game, without letting down the true audience of the game. If you switch to promenade, it's a real choice, you can't comeback to Furi mode later unless you start over.

All modes are enjoyable, just choose the one you think will make you enjoy the game more.

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The Rider's Outfit Posted by TheGameBakers () November 16, 2016

Hi Ae0n,
Here is a jpg file with more info to help you with the cosplay:
Send us a tweet or something when you have it ;-)

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Xbox One exclusive boss?! Posted by TheGameBakers () October 12, 2016

Steam players we hear you! We are so grateful of how much love the game has received on Steam, so rest assured you are not forgotten. We just nee to do one thing at a time. Thanks for your understanding.

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About the quicktime events in the game (keyboard and mouse) Posted by TheGameBakers () September 28, 2016

@Drakekay : you can actually use any key on the keyboard to complete the QTE. You don't have to bother moving your hand towards the direction keys. Hope that makes it smoother ;-)

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Version 1.2.58 Update Posted by TheGameBakers () September 27, 2016

Duly noted. We'll keep you updated if we start development on this feature. Thanks for the feedback.

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A huge "thank you" to the devs for creating this awesome game! Posted by TheGameBakers () September 24, 2016

Thanks a lot for the support and for playing Furi!
Glad you liked the game :-).
Unfortunately we have no plans for co-op or PvP (love the idea though). We are still considering extra content but it won't be a sequel, we want the game to stay a one time experience.
And our next game will somehow share some similarities in its action design!

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Version 1.2.58 Update Posted by TheGameBakers () September 23, 2016

I hear thunder, pitter patter. Time to wake up!

Here is nice update now released for everyone, with a few bugfixes and some long awaited features, like alternate control schemes.

We still have a lot of feedback from the community to address, but this update already tackles some of the most wanted features.

Version 1.2.58
- Alternate control schemes for the game pad
- New radial mode option for mouse aiming (default)
- Retweak for promenade mode (added more variety to the promenade fights)
- Slight nerf for The Burst and The Line (in Furi difficulty story mode only - NOT in speedrun mode)
- Added hint for automove on paths in story mode
- Improved reticle visibility on some levels (re difficulty to see it for colorblind people)
- Fixed most cases where The Burst walls raise below the player
- Added steamcards (waiting for Steam validation)
- Misc bugfixes

We hope you will appreciate this update and we'll keep listening for bug reports and feedback.

The Game Bakers

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suddenly can't shoot main laser during The Star Posted by bagelbaker () September 19, 2016

Could it be that the mouse position was far off the arena? If so, it should be fixed in the next update.

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