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Polyball game

Released: December 1, 2017

Developer: Studio Monolith

Publisher: Studio Monolith

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Get ready to enter a new era of physics platforming.

Polyball is a classic ball rolling game in the vein of Super Monkey Ball, Marble Madness, and Marble Blast - while taking cues from games such as the Sonic series, Trackmania, and Mario Kart.


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Polyball - January 6, 2018

v1.0.2 - Pars and Shards

A small update going into the holidays - We've re-balanced score pars across the board as well as added shards to levels that didn't have any. We also updated the Polyball site to work with the new leaderboards.

Polyball - December 20, 2017

v1.0.1 - Return of score leaderboards

Lot's of little fixes in this patch - we've addressed all of the bug reports you guys have submitted as well as a few other bits of polish.

Polyball - December 6, 2017

Polyball Leaves Early Access!

Three years ago I quit my job at an advertising agency. I was unsure where to go from there, and in a drunken stupor downloaded Unity that night. I came up with a demo for a small phone game, inspired by Super Monkey Ball and the time I spent playing it as a child. I showed it to my brother (Badfish) and he was super into it, and began creating some models for it. Polyball has been through many iterations, and after 52 major updates today marks the culmination of what was started that night.

Polyball - December 1, 2017

v1.0.0 - It's Time

It's time to exit Early Access! We are going to make a longer post regarding the launch, but here are the changes in this version:

Polyball - December 1, 2017

v0.9.2 - Polyball for all!

We've added a bunch of languages bringing us up to a total of 10 languages! We've got a few more in the translation stage as well so people worldwide can enjoy rolling around together.

Polyball - November 28, 2017

Looking for translators

We are looking for some fan translations to help get our game ready for launch.

Polyball - November 19, 2017

v0.9.1 - Just lots of stuff

I've just been randomly fixing bugs and adding content, here's the list:

Polyball - November 15, 2017

v0.9.0 - Online Multiplayer + View Replay

After much work we have gotten online multiplayer into a place which we consider very playable. We’ve included two game modes:

Polyball - November 8, 2017

Mac version has been updated

The Mac version of the game has been updated to v0.8.1 - Enjoy Sector 5!

Polyball - October 20, 2017

v0.8.1 - Bug Fixes

Just a quick update here addressing some issues with the new Otherworld mechanics and some other random things!

Polyball - October 20, 2017

v0.8.0 - Sector 5 - The Otherworld

The long awaited Sector 5 is finally here! This final set of levels will put your skills to the test.

Polyball - October 14, 2017

v0.7.7 - The big audio update

We've been hard at work designing and implemeting new sound effects and cleaning up the triggers for existing sound effects. We also took a good long look at controller focus issues and cleaned that up a ton.

Polyball - October 2, 2017

v0.7.7 - Level Editor Updates and General Fixes

A pretty big update here for the level editor, as well as other miscellaneous fixes and changes.

Polyball - September 9, 2017

v0.7.5 - Polish and Content

Hello everyone! Been working real hard on Polyball the last few weeks getting online multiplayer and Sector 5 ready to go. In between working on those new things, a lot of things have been getting cleaned up and finalized for 1.0.

Polyball - August 31, 2017

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