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Unturned game

Released: July 7, 2014

Publisher: Smartly Dressed Games

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You become a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and team up with your friends to remain among the living.

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When will battlEye trial end? Posted by SDGNelson () December 12, 2016

The trial ended on Friday. Waiting on the agreement/contract, but I think the plan is to continue using BattlEye on all servers.

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What is Devkit and how i can use it? Posted by SDGNelson () December 10, 2016

I meant to record a video yesterday, but there wasn't enough time. Better late than never!

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What was devtest 3? Posted by SDGNelson () December 10, 2016

The NPC test map might have been called Devtest3, but I actually named it 4 as in we're on our way to like a "4.0" update once everything on the roadmap is completed - the plan being to keep Devtest4 around to show off new stuff each week.

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Berets, Twitch Shirt, HMD, Gold Items, etc Drop Bug Posted by SDGNelson () November 23, 2016

It looks like there's a new bug causing these "promo" items to drop in your inventory which isn't intentional - usually these items are limited to specific DLC or product keys. I've submitted a bug report to Valve so hopefully it will be fixed/rolled back in the morning.

Edit: It was taken care of very quickly, I'm super impressed! :)

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Another positive battleye post. Posted by SDGNelson () November 19, 2016

You're thinking concurrent users. This was 4k over the course of a week which means less than 1% of players active in the last week were cheating.

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BattlEye FAQ Posted by SDGNelson () November 12, 2016

What is BattlEye?

BattlEye is an Anti-Cheat service that scans the operating system for hacks similarly to an Anti-Virus, and if found blocks them from functioning or bans the user.

I cancelled BattlEye when launching Unturned, how can I install it?

Open your Unturned folder [Steam Library > Unturned > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files], enter the BattlEye folder and run Install_BattlEye.bat.

Do I need to have BattlEye installed?

If you choose not to use BattlEye you can set your server filters to "BattlEye Disabled" to find servers that don't require BattlEye, but if you join a "BattlEye Required" server you will be kicked.

How do I uninstall BattlEye?

Open your Unturned folder [Steam Library > Unturned > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files], enter the BattlEye folder and run Uninstall_BattlEye.bat.

How do I reinstall BattlEye?

Open your Unturned folder [Steam Library > Unturned > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files], enter the BattlEye folder and run Install_BattlEye.bat.

Do I need to worry about getting banned for "XYZ"?

If in doubt, you're not going to get banned. Only players intentionally using cheats will be banned.

For additional information:

BattlEye's website has an extended FAQ page which should address more technical questions:

View Post FPS Issue Fixed in Posted by SDGNelson () November 12, 2016

It wasn't BattlEye's fault (as I've seen popularly reported/suggested), rather an issue with using Unity 5's event system in some cases. Thanks to cartman-2000 for helping hunt it down!

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Nelson's true origins. Posted by SDGNelson () November 5, 2016

The serious reason is that a lot of the APIs Unturned uses (Unity - color), (Steamworks - favorite) use American spelling so I do the same, but that aside yes there is a secret sinister reason for it! >:)

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should Nelson add horde mode back? Posted by SDGNelson () November 5, 2016

Me too, I really like this sort of mode in other games as well, the main reason I temporarily removed it was because it needs a lot of polish/features I didn't have the spare time for like spectating while dead. Part of my plan with the mod API and new level editor is to allow modes like this to be community-created, and further on to make a proper fully featured official map + mode for it.

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UNTURNED WHY YOU DO DIS! Posted by SDGNelson () October 29, 2016

Sorry about that, I wrote a quick post explaining why they aren't actually Mythicals: Link

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I unboxed a Mystery Box and it said I got a Mythical item, but in my inventory it shows as itemdefid: #, why? Posted by SDGNelson () October 29, 2016

Sorry for the miscommunication! It's down to how the box displays which item you got: if the item is in the list of items you can see (e.g. rares, epics, legendaries) it will land on that, otherwise it's probably (but in this case not) a Mythical item so it lands on the Mythical slot.

Due to this Halloween update adding new items to the Halloween Gift Present, if you were using the older version of the game and unboxed one of the new items the menu wouldn't know what it was (because it didn't exist in that version and wasn't in the list of items you could see) so it assumed it was a Mythical item.

When you reload the game with the latest version it will properly be able to show you what the item was! (itemdefid: # is similar to the in-game item IDs, once your version is up-to-date and knows about the new items it can show you the name/description/icon)

Going forward I'll figure something out to avoid this happening with future box updates like the upcoming Festive Gift Present.

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VAC doesnt work - game is filled of hackers (TL;) Posted by SDGNelson () October 23, 2016

Thanks for your support!

It looks like Necromancer's comment is referencing when I called out Kunii back in 2.0, it was interesting to talk to him and he pointed out some neat tricks - we're still friends today and play big AoE II matches every few months.

Contrary to his comment, however, essentially everything that can be serverside at the moment is server side. (Unfortunately input (aimbot) and visual (esp/wallhack) cheats are client side, as is the case in every game.)

There have been some pretty big Unturned VAC ban waves in the past, and longer term I have a few fairly drastic changes outside of the game itself I'm considering which can help, but best not to discuss those yet as it would give the cheaters advanced warning.

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Bringing Back Forward Render Mode Posted by SDGNelson () October 21, 2016

Due to the feedback surrounding the performance loss with some of the graphics upgrades (forgot to mention HDR is now force-enabled in deferred mode for decals, requires more VRAM) I'm currently working on again allowing you to use forward mode, although it's a bit trickier now with these improvements but it should be doable. I definitely do recommend using deferred and it will be my main focus for some of the upcoming graphics improvements, but forward will be there for the lower spec computers. Bear with me! :)

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Trello Roadmap Posted by SDGNelson () October 15, 2016

It's back! (ish?)

The to-do list Trello is still private and has all of the nitty-gritty details/secret surprises of the WIP updates which is really useful for me working on the game, but I think that you getting a peek at what's to come and able to discuss/provide feedback on future plans is also really helpful to both of us. As such the "roadmap" is now up on a new board:

It's likely missing a few things at the moment and will be filled out again based on feedback!

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Back from Steam Dev Days Posted by SDGNelson () October 15, 2016

This week I was away at the "Steam Dev Days 2016" conference as some of you may know, hence the lack of a patch. It was very interesting, I got to meet a lot of different people and came away with a clearer picture of where to go with Unturned in the foreseeable future. Anyway just thought I'd update so you know I'm still alive, and ready to return to work on 3.17.2! :)

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