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Unturned game

Released: July 7, 2017

Publisher: Smartly Dressed Games

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You're a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and must work with your friends and forge alliances to remain among the living.

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Unturned 4.x Devlog #003 Posted by SDGNelson () December 16, 2017

Devlog #003[]

As always please let me know what you think!

View Post Patch Notes Posted by SDGNelson () December 11, 2017


  • Added "Blimp_Altitude" level config option.
  • Fixed a crash on the server after a player was kicked for inactivity.
  • Fixed opening suicide yes/no menu when disabled.
  • Fixed Pandora Hell's Fury emission map.
  • Fixed VehicleManager.askVehicles to only be callable once per player.
  • [Danaby] Fixed escaping Bunker Arena.
  • [Danaby] Fixed seeing into the arena from the lobby.

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Unturned 4.x Devlog #002 Posted by SDGNelson () November 23, 2017

Devlog #002[]

Post your thoughts here!

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4.x Direction Clarification Posted by SDGNelson () November 11, 2017

There's been some feedback lately worried about what's going to be happening with 3.x now that 4.x is on the horizon, for example whether it's worth continuing work on plugins and workshop content.

Right off the bat: 4.x is still a long ways off. I'm putting a big emphasis on quality and taking my time polishing and re-polishing every feature until it shines. My current hopeful timeline is to get an opt-in beta similar to OPERATIONMAPLELEAF available in the next couple months with bare-bones features.

Even when 4.x does come out, however, 3.x is going to have a long lifetime. It's not going anywhere and will be available in Steam as a separate game from 4.x so that you can have them both downloaded at the same time. I'm still working on big updates like the bicycles and trains recently, and have highly requested features like trunk storage on the way soon. There are also at least 2 big curated maps I'm confident will be releasing in the coming months.

Specifically for the modding folks: In my opinion it's still worth working on 3.x stuff, but it won't be compatible with 4.x because the new version is using Unreal Engine 4 rather than Unity 5. The new mod tools will be much more comprehensive and support custom features and extensions using blueprints.

Thanks for your support! As always continue sending your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. :)

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Map Not Showing Location Names Explained Posted by SDGNelson () September 16, 2017

Unfortunately yes it seems I messed them up in the update. No data was lost however. It's not a critical bug so I'm going to put together some more additions and improvements and aim to get an update out sometime next week.

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Transfer Unturned Game files to another PC via USB Posted by SDGNelson () September 16, 2017

Yep! Copy the Cloud and Worlds folders from your Unturned directory and not necessary but you can also copy Steam/userdata/yourID/304930/remote to carry over your settings as well.

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I have some questions about 4.0 Posted by SDGNelson () July 29, 2017

You're right that there's a lot invested in 3.0 by now. I'll clarify this in another card on Trello in a moment but the short of it is there's no way I'd wipe everyone's progress.

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Official Discord Server Posted by SDGNelson () July 22, 2017

fr34kyn01535, the creator of RocketMod for Unturned, has been running a high quality Discord server for Unturned. You're welcome to join and hang out with: This Link[]

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Unity 5.6 on preview branch Posted by SDGNelson () July 19, 2017

I've attempted updating Unturned from Unity 5.5 to the latest 5.6 patch and uploaded it to the preview beta branch. If you'd like to give it a try you can download it by right clicking Unturned in your Steam library > Properties > Betas. It should be functionally identical to the current public version, but I'm curious to see how performance has changed and what new bugs it's introduced that I've missed. At the moment I'm expecting Unturned will stick with 5.5 for the foreseeable future, however.

View Post Patch Notes and Upcoming Plans Posted by SDGNelson () July 8, 2017

Upcoming Plans:

I've been reading through your feedback today and aside from the fixes patch today these are the items I'm already planning to work on for the next update:
  • Functional cell doors for the prison requiring prison cell keys.
  • German versions of the emergency vehicles with blue lights.
  • Configurable max number of zombies per navmesh area to raise the number of zombies in Berlin making it more lifelike.
  • Use the interior of the castle for some sort of boss battle.
It's also clear to me that some balance changes for the map are needed, but I'm holding off on making those to the next update until there's more time for you all to play the map and get a feel for things. Your suggestions surrounding the balance are much appreciated!

Unfortunately something seems to be up with the Early Access cosmetics not dropping, but I've asked Valve about it and if you see "Unturned - Early Access" in your DLC list then you'll get them eventually. Patch Notes:

  • Fixed gap next to destroyed portion of Berlin bridge.
  • Fixed extended landscape holes outside of tunnels.
  • Fixed placing bedrolls in several locations out of map.
  • Fixed getting stuck in a spots.
  • Fixed farm item spawns at airfield.
  • Fixed player detect radius underwater.
  • Fixed depth at which dumptruck engine is affected by water.

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Does Nelson even read Suggestions? Posted by SDGNelson () June 15, 2017

I look through loads of suggestions every day from many places such as the suggestions subforum and e-mails. The well thought out/explained/detailed posts are very helpful and now and then when working on a feature I'll look back on related ones I saved.

It's true sometimes specific requests are added quickly because they're very easy to do and benefit a lot of people - like PSJ might DM a fast addition to the gameplay config, whereas most suggestions will require a lot of time to work on e.g. the huge suggestion backlog surrounding new and improved vehicle systems.

Quietness is a side effect of the volume of threads to reply to and my being rather introverted.

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Does Nelson actually reads the Discussions? Posted by SDGNelson () May 3, 2017

True that I've gradually gotten quieter - and maybe shouldn't have, especially the past several months being much busier IRL. I do try to read all the messages/mail I get sent and most of the posts!

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Does Nelson actually reads the Discussions? Posted by SDGNelson () May 3, 2017

You bet! *waves*

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When will battlEye trial end? Posted by SDGNelson () December 12, 2016

The trial ended on Friday. Waiting on the agreement/contract, but I think the plan is to continue using BattlEye on all servers.

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What is Devkit and how i can use it? Posted by SDGNelson () December 10, 2016

I meant to record a video yesterday, but there wasn't enough time. Better late than never!

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